Friday, July 24, 2009

Where can I find someone to listen to me

At the right time when it is just the half of my summer intern, all I can see in store for me is frustration. I totally lost the confidence to struggle on. Frustrated by my bad speaking English everyday, everytime, how I wish to improve my English in a sudden. Still having no idea of where my experiment will lead me to, I just desperately find that there are always something that you cannot change by effort. For a long time I am conscious that I am not smart in the least. The only way for me to catch up with others is to devote my time to the limited things to make sure that I can manage them. I just cannot remember how many times when I am at a loss about what things should be handled. Who can I turn to pour all the depression inside my heart to?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tired day & Yes Log? I guess....

Has anyone ever remembered the act which says that working on weekends should be extra paid? I guess not, or there won't be so many poor undergraduate students busying working in the lab with trial and error. I am just one of the poor guys, fighting for the big dream of studying aboard and always harboring the desire of entering the gate of those world-class universities. Too few positions for too many competitors, under which condition all one can do is to try one's best to struggle for the future. That is why when most of us out for the BBQ, poor Kevin has to stay in the lab, tired of everyhing around.
After trying to find a proper theme for the "Yes Log", soon I find that the problem for me is that I even do not know the improper use of the English words, which is, of course, frustrating. Then suddenly one day Charlotte and I wander in the village and saw a cute child----I have to confess that Charlotte has special interest on children, but I don't know why. Maybe she just wishes to marry some handsome guy and has her own child...Just joking-----Then I said:"Oh, it is a small gentleman." While Charlotte answered:"No, you are definitely wrong. You should say, it is a little gentleman." Then our arguement begin. At last I give up my position....To be frank, I also think "a little gentleman" is better....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A message to my friends

a message

My very first article for the very first blog

Today I open my first blog under the assistant of the teacher...I was told that I am supposed to put one article on it every several days. So here is what happened recently:
I have a warm conversation with my professor whose name is P.J. O'Brien. He is really nice, even nicer than I ever expected. I am just happy to find that all the undergraduate students in my lab this summer have some relation with my homeland---China...Helen, who phoned me when I was still in China, is really a friendly girl. Every time when I have trouble translating my words into English, the following scene will appear: I ask Helen in Chinese, and she gives the English words to me...